Dubai, 26th April 2018

Firms that promote and implement an inclusive and diverse working environment tend to be more innovative and grow faster, outperforming competition, according to industry leaders attending CaixaBank’s roundtable discussion “Diversity Talks” which took place last week in Dubai.

The event panel brought together senior executives  from UAE’s leading firms, including Kathryn Wightman-Heaven, Director, Global Sustainability at DP WORLD; Abdulaziz Almoosa, Head of Recruitment at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank; John Lee, Regional Head of Talent, Diversity & Inclusion, HBSC; and Izabella Szadkowska, Al Tamimi & Company. The panel was moderated by Maya Khelladi, manager of CaixaBank’s United Arab Emirates representation office, and attended by Maria Victoria Matia, executive manager of international banking, CaixaBank.

“The world is changing rapidly. A world with new types of jobs, new skills, new opportunities. More women are becoming part of our family but we need to become an employer of choice for women. That’s why we have developed DPWorld4Women. It’s a sustainable approach recognizing the essential role that women have in our business and in the future and developing the programmes and initiatives to support” said Kathryn Wightman-Heaven, Director, Global Sustainability, DP World.

“Diversity is a key aspect of CaixaBank’s international banking network –it drives new and innovative thinking, challenges the status quo, leading to better results and performance. It is encouraging to see that ensuring diversity is front of mind amongst the leading firms in the UAE as the industry realizes the social and economic benefist of a diverse workforce,” said Maya Khelladi, manager of the United Arab Emirates representation office, CaixaBank.

To further enhance the diversity of its workforce across the international banking network CaixaBank has established a specialist  team to coordinate cross-organisation projects that encompass multiple aspects of diversity, including cultural and gender as well as functional and generational diversity.

CaixaBank´s international network includes 26 operating branches and representative offices in 18 countries. The bank has established multicultural teams of diverse origin, which implement projects to provide close support to clients, focusing on the specific requirements of each region. Gender diversity is particularly important: 42% of managerial positions in CaixaBank’s international network are held by women.


Source CaixaBank Executive Communications


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