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One of the biggest challenges we face when making the on-line booking of our long-awaited trip is the coordinated contracting of the services we need. The flight, hotel, rental car, museum tickets, insurance… It gets more complicated when we talk about a trip with more than one city to visit: more flights, more hotels, more activities… If we add the “noise” of advertising between each step, many travelers already prefer to return to traditional systems before they end up hiring a service they did not want, and then go through a rosary of claims.

But there are alternatives. From going to a travel agent to using tools much more advanced than the most popular, and with a real, experienced and professional travel agency behind, as is the case of Mieskapada.com. Through this brand, the customers from all over Spain make their reservations to the company Baraka Club de Viatges, with offices in different countries around the world. With 20 years already in the tourism sector, Baraka is a reference in the field of cultural travel and has been awarded by the Cambra de Comerç for its results in its constant process of internationalization and innovation.

In Mieskapada.com, the traveler can start building his trip from a 100% visual environment: select the dates and number of people, choose the starting point and to which destinations you want to go, showing in an interactive map all the route you will take. On the map you can find all the information about each tourist point of interest, add the nights you want to do in each city, and you can change even the order in which you will visit them. Once this is done, the system, in a record time of maximum 2 minutes, offers the transport and accommodation and already has a reference price quoted dynamically and with real availability of places.

From there, and for each city, the traveler can add activities, excursions, rental cars, modify flight schedules or companies, hotels, and each details of the trip. In the hotel information, in addition to the price and category, the hotel’s rating on TripAdvisor, Booking or Holidaycheck is displayed as a referent of the opinions of millions of travelers.

Once the trip is created, the user can save it as an idea to retrieve later, and can share it with potential travel partners through social networks or via email.

A complete breakthrough in online reservations for vacations and getaways, which makes it easy for travelers to concentrate on the most enjoyable part of the trip: their enjoyment. No nightmares.

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