The Spanish Business Council: Actions taken in view of Covid-19


Dubai, 6th March, 2020

The pandemonium that is Covid-19, has unleashed multiple challenges for governments, companies and social communities alike all over the world, not only touching personal but also professional spheres. Given the current situation that affects us all, the Spanish Business Council has decided to initiate a series of activities to support and aid all the members of the organization.

The first of such initiatives is to start a direct and open channel of communication for all our members with the SBC counsellors and the executive team. This will facilitate to gather information on the individual challenges faced by you all personally and in your particular sector of activity, as also your expectations. The second is an advisory/consultancy service offered by the SBC Counsellors according to their spheres of experience and work (see attached photos).

During these unpredictable times wherein face to face activities are not possible, we have undertaken the task of organizing complimentary Webinars on different themes (Digital Transformation, Legalities, Human Resources & advice on employment search) to inform and execute educational and training courses. All information in this regard, can be found on our website

On similar lines, we are in the process of launching an educational programme granting higher Management and Master’s degrees, set and accredited by the Universities of Camilo Jose Cela; Universidad Nebrija; IMF Business School; Universidad del Atlántico Medio and the Chambers’ of Spain via the Chambers of Commerce, Navigation and Industry of Madrid as well as the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in the UAE.

On the other hand, SBC members shall receive a small survey related to the current situation where they will be able to comment in detail about their daily struggles against Covid-19 and participate actively to contain the crisis. The information received will help define future strategies and actions, if required, of the Council.

The substitution of distinct modes of communication and marketing for those members who actively participated in regular networking events and breakfast meets that had to be postponed due to instructions of the local government and sanitary authorities.

In conclusion, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at the Spanish Business Council for any consultation or requirement whatsoever at the official email

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